Hyper-Calvinism and the Great Commission

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Recently a hyper-Calvinist updated his Facebook status with the following: “If you give money to evangelical missions to reach the unregenerate your heart is veiled and the truth is hidden from you. Stop the giving. STOP THE GIVING. STOP THE GIVING! STOP THE GIVING! Cut off their money flow. Don’t finance unbelieving regenerate missionary enterprises.” No, I’m not making it…


Molinists and Calvinists: Locked in a Wordy Embrace with the same Gargoyle

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I have put my hand to the tar baby. Salvation and Sovereignty: A Molinist Approach (Broadman & Holman) came out this month, a book in which I tackle the divine sovereignty–human responsibility conundrum, specifically as it relates to the area of salvation. As the title indicates, the book approaches the issue from a Molinist perspective, which means I advocate a…