Darwinism as Religion

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If there were ever any doubts that Darwinism is first and foremost a religion, Eddie Colanter provides the two quotes that lay them to rest. Colanter has written “Philosophical Implications of Neo-Darwinism and Intelligent Design” for a book edited by Wayne House entitled Intelligent Design 101. The first quote is by Sir Julian Huxley, the grandson of T. H. Huxley…


Making the most of Christmas

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This past weekend, Penny and I celebrated Christmas with our children and one year old grandson, Elliott. We spent the day with each other; eating our traditional dishes (sausage balls and sweet rolls are a must on Christmas morning), opening and playing with gifts, watching Christmas movies, and in general having fun together. How blessed we are! How good God…


When Writing about Those with Whom You Disagree

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I know a little about dealing with controversial subjects. My last book, Salvation and Sovereignty, presented an alternative to five-point Calvinism, and my current project (with Mark Rooker) is a book about creation and evolution. Calvinism and creationism—two lightning rod topics if there ever were any! I’ve observed that advocates on either side of these two issues have produced an…


The Threshold Question: What is the Minimal Knowledge Required for Saving Faith

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One must know about the good news of Jesus Christ in order to trust in him. As Paul asks, “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” (Rom 10:14). In order for faith to be informed or have knowledge, it must have two things: content and an object. The content of assenting faith is the gospel…


Hyper-Calvinism and the Great Commission

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Recently a hyper-Calvinist updated his Facebook status with the following: “If you give money to evangelical missions to reach the unregenerate your heart is veiled and the truth is hidden from you. Stop the giving. STOP THE GIVING. STOP THE GIVING! STOP THE GIVING! Cut off their money flow. Don’t finance unbelieving regenerate missionary enterprises.” No, I’m not making it…