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The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 4): Criticisms of Global Flood Geology

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Previous posts summarized Whitcomb and Morris’ classic Global Flood Model and Snelling’s modern update. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) This post covers critiques of these models given by other Christian geologists, particularly as given by Davis Young and Ralph Stearley. These criticisms can be grouped under five broad headings: The Preponderance of Geological Evidence Does Not Support the Global Flood…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 3): Current Global Flood Models

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(Part 1) (Part 2) The previous post summarized the classic global flood model proposed by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. This post examines current model by looking primarily, but not exclusively, at the work of Andrew Snelling. Current Global Flood Models Whitcomb and Morris inspired a generation of young-earth creationists. One such YEC proponent is Australian geologist Andrew Snelling. Snelling…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 2): Whitcomb and Morris’ Model

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(Part 1) The Classic Global Flood Theory of Whitcomb and Morris In 1961, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris published The Genesis Flood, launching the current young-earth creationist movement. This post summarizes five of the book’s most significant claims, particularly its claim to show fossil evidence of humans and dinosaurs living together. Whitcomb and Morris argued: 1) Opposition to Uniformitarianism: Uniformitarianism is…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood: the Geological Evidence (Part 1)

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In 1961, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris published The Genesis Flood. They intended the work to be a response to Bernard Ramm, who in 1954 had published a work arguing that Noah’s Deluge  was a local catastrophe. Borrowing heavily from George McCready Price (1870-1963), a Seventh-Day Adventist author, Whitcomb and Morris contended that the flood of Noah’s day accounts for…


So What Is Molinism?

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Named after its first proponent, Luis Molina (1535–1600), a sixteenth-century Jesuit priest, Molinism holds to a strong notion of God’s control and an equally firm affirmation of human freedom. In other words Molinism simultaneously holds to a Calvinistic view of a comprehensive divine sovereignty and to a version of free will (called libertarianism) generally associated with Arminianism. As Doug Geivett…


The Rise of the Big-Bang Hypothesis (Age of the Earth Part 6)

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The 20th century will see the rise of two completely different paradigms for understanding the age of the earth: the big bang hypothesis and young-earth creationism. Actually, the time can be pinpointed even more closely. Both paradigms will ascend during the 1960’s. In 1916 Albert Einstein presented a paper in which he applied his general theory of relativity to the…


Eternalism and Darwinism (The Age of the Earth Part 5)

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During the 19th-century, while Christians were dealing with the notion of an ancient earth, non-Christians explored the ramifications of an eternal universe. Eternalism played a crucial role in the arguments made for Darwinism by its early advocates. Darwinists conceded that the odds of something as complex as living beings coming about by random chance were extremely low, even minuscule. However,…


Acceptance Of An Ancient Earth Among Christians Of The Victorian Era (The Age of the Earth Part 4)

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Even before Darwin published the Origin of Species, most Christian scholars and scientists had come to accept that the cosmos was ancient. Lord Kelvin (1824-1907) for example, the influential 19th century British physicist and devout Christian, calculated the cooling rate of the earth’s core to arrive at the conclusion that the planet was 20-60 million years old. In America, Princeton…


The Enlightenment And The Rise Of Naturalistic Theories (The Age of the Earth Part 3)

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The Impact of Newtonian Physics: With the rise of Newtonian physics came the reappearance of eternalism. In the 17th century, Isaac Newton (1642-1727) formulated the laws of gravity, physics, and mathematics that successfully described the planetary orbits of the solar system. It would be difficult to overstate the impact his achievements had on the scientific revolution and how western culture…


Creation Vs Eternalism (The Age of the Earth Part 1)

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Historically, the debate has not been between creation and evolution, but creation and eternalism. During the apostolic and patristic eras, the pagans did not argue simply for an ancient earth, they contended that the universe was eternal. Even though Aristotle believed that the world was caused by God, he did not believe that God created the world, in time, in…