The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 4): Criticisms of Global Flood Geology

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Previous posts summarized Whitcomb and Morris’ classic Global Flood Model and Snelling’s modern update. (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) This post covers critiques of these models given by other Christian geologists, particularly as given by Davis Young and Ralph Stearley. These criticisms can be grouped under five broad headings: The Preponderance of Geological Evidence Does Not Support the Global Flood…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 3): Current Global Flood Models

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(Part 1) (Part 2) The previous post summarized the classic global flood model proposed by John Whitcomb and Henry Morris. This post examines current model by looking primarily, but not exclusively, at the work of Andrew Snelling. Current Global Flood Models Whitcomb and Morris inspired a generation of young-earth creationists. One such YEC proponent is Australian geologist Andrew Snelling. Snelling…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood (Part 2): Whitcomb and Morris’ Model

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(Part 1) The Classic Global Flood Theory of Whitcomb and Morris In 1961, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris published The Genesis Flood, launching the current young-earth creationist movement. This post summarizes five of the book’s most significant claims, particularly its claim to show fossil evidence of humans and dinosaurs living together. Whitcomb and Morris argued: 1) Opposition to Uniformitarianism: Uniformitarianism is…


The Extent of Noah’s Flood: the Geological Evidence (Part 1)

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In 1961, John Whitcomb and Henry Morris published The Genesis Flood. They intended the work to be a response to Bernard Ramm, who in 1954 had published a work arguing that Noah’s Deluge  was a local catastrophe. Borrowing heavily from George McCready Price (1870-1963), a Seventh-Day Adventist author, Whitcomb and Morris contended that the flood of Noah’s day accounts for…


Is the Earth Flat or Round? Lessons from a 6th Century Debate

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Last week I gave the faculty lecture at Southeastern. I talked about the 6th century debate between John Philoponus and Cosmas Indicopleustes about the shape of the earth. In the days of the early church, the apologetic debate was not between creation and evolution, but creation and eternalism. The pagan philosophers argued ex nihilo nihil fit (“Out of nothing comes nothing”)….


What Is Genesis 1-2 “Doing”? A Missional Interpretation

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In this brief video I ask the question, “What was Moses doing when he penned the creation account in Genesis 1-2?” In day-to-day communications we typically recognize the difference between what a person says and what they mean, and intuitively interpret them accordingly. However, we often don’t notice a third component: what a person is doing with his or her words. Using…


Talking about the Age of the Earth in the Local Church: Don’t Be “That Guy”

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Recently I was on Reason to Believe’s program, “28:19.”  Krista Bontrager, the show’s cohost, asked about the best way to bring up old-earth interpretations to a young-earth church staff. When it comes to bringing up controversial issues to one’s pastor or youth pastor, how one approaches the subject is just as important as what one has to say. My advice:…