Accountability and Transparency in Church Governance

Don Dancer teaches at Elon University School of Law in Greensboro, North Carolina as the Distinguished-Practitioner-in-Residence. There he teaches on corporate governance and other aspects of business law. On Dec 5th, Don spoke at a faculty luncheon hosted by the Bush Center on the topic of institutional governance.

Drawing from his years of experience both in the business world and in local churches, Don explained how corporate institutions (businesses or churches) can get themselves into ethical trouble. He also gave good advice on the steps to take in correcting such a situation.  Perhaps more importantly, Don presented procedures to put in place that go a long way in preventing such a crisis from occurring in the first place. Here’s a lawyer telling how to avoid messes that require a room full of lawyers.

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Apologetics in Academia: Neil Shenvi on Bringing the Gospel to Intellectuals

Neil Shenvi works as a research scientist at Duke University in the field of theoretical chemistry. In other words, he’s scary smart. On Nov 14, he gave his testimony at a faculty luncheon hosted by the Bush Center for Faith and Culture. Neil presented a compelling model for sharing the Gospel in the academic world.


Neil’s presentation is engaging, informative, and fun. If you have a friend who is a sceptic, then you may want to share this link with him or her. Here’s a believing scientist giving a winsome and effective defense of the Christian faith.